Grind Fitness AZ

Small Group Fitness Training
Boot Camp • Boxing • HIIT • TRX

COME JOIN US!   Find your FIT TRIBE with great workouts and great people!

What can you expect at Grind Fitness AZ?

  • 40 minutes fitness programs that are designed to shred fat and build muscle.  Never the same program twice!

  • You'll have fun with a great tribe of people doing what you're doing, with the same interests, and looking to get better everyday!

  • You'll become stronger, move better and learn to fuel your body with real food.  

  • We offer nutrition support, group challenges and we have a private Facebook group to keep you motivated, supported and accountable!

  • No excuses. Just results -- with a community cheering you on and having a great time sweating and working along side you!

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Every class you attend will be like hanging out with friends!  They want the same things you do - to feel great, look great and have their confidence back!  You'll be with a group that is supporting you, sweating with you, and inspiring you to do YOUR best!  There is NO BETTER COMMUNITY than the one at Grind Fitness AZ.  Grab your water bottle, your can-do attitude, and leave your worries behind!  The next 40 minutes are all about you and your goals!  That's it.  Work hard.  Have fun.  Get Fit. Eat Well.  Rest. Repeat!  

Movement for Life

Our focus is on correct form, safe practices, increasing mobility & range of motion, and gaining strength for every day movement & activities.  My goal is not only that you look good today, but you look and feel great 20 years, 30 years down the road and beyond!  You can get in shape, feel great, be strong, get lean and do it in a way that supports your body - not destroys it!  You only get one body, take care of it!

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Fuel the Machine

Nutrition support is a huge part of what we offer!  As a Certified Health Coach, I know the importance of a healthy diet to get the results you want.  Whether your goal is to lose weight to look good naked or to reduce or eliminate medications, what you eat plays a major role.   You gotta Fuel the Machine in order to get maximum results!

Changing Lives....



1725 W. Williams Dr, Ste 28
Phoenix, AZ 85027